There is no such thing as a safe place

There is no such thing as a safe place

There is no such thing as a safe place
Under the screaming whispers of the rain
Cold daylight sets under my lids
The murmurs of the dead
They come crashing
Begging to be resurrected
Like ashes, like lego blocks
Begging to be picked up
Like shards of glass
I dreamed I was safe
Under those arms that said love
That begged patience
Making me thirsty in broad daylight
The sky was clear and blue
But the sun basked in flames.
What a pretty picture
Like a beautiful day
A warm kiss of coffee in the morning
Waking up still
With an open hand
For another cup of caffeine
Wake me up and up still
Here to be awakened
To a safe place which was not
Even close to a bed of sheets
Cool and clean against the heat
But the rain echoes in my ears
Whispering loud and clear why
Are you still here?

I will not wait for you

I will not wait for you

I will not wait for you.
None of you. Your freedom
Must not and will not hold
Me back; I have my own.
I am free and you are too.

But you do not hold me in
Chains; Your claws are not
Sharp in any degree. Harm
Me. Scare me. Threaten me.
Wound me. Scar me. But no —

I’m not afraid at all. I can move
Forward and not back, especially
Back. Because that’s the only
Thing you can do but not to me.
I’m too free to be held down

By you, swarm of black demons
That taunt the brave and bold.
I’ll have to finish the race alone
If I have to and I have to. I will
reach the end of the road without

You. Any of you. Race of slackers,
Slow workers and of lazybones.