These are my ideas

These are my ideas

I have a new idea. I think I could even fall in love with it, the way I did with you. The way I would hope for things that you only disappoint me with. Like beer, I chug and swallow but never appreciate the taste. The way my makeup wears down through the day. You can hardly even see any left. The way I thought I’d be fought for, cared for, only to be let down.

Here’s an idea. I’m going out tonight. Somewhere so far I’d regret being there in the first place. By the time I got there, I would eat regret for dinner and watch every single busy person, loved person, occupied person, too productive person pass me by the same way the world revolves around the sun. Like regret and anger mashed into one disgusting cannon ball that smashed my heart because it believed I could be the sun for awhile.

Here’s another idea. I am selfish. I own my life like I own my pillows, my comfort, my satisfaction. And if you dare sleep with them I will haunt you in your dreams and make you wish you did not get them. Like kissing my lips in lit cigars or shot glasses, inhaling my breath without any permission even when I gave them freely… But I will take it all back because I still wasn’t the sun. So that is me making you rue the very day you didn’t revolve around me right on schedule.

Here’s another idea. Dancing with someone else would be nice. Like bowing down to a new master following his command when really I’m the commander, I’m the boss because I’m the little girl playing with not so little toys. And we’re in a party, alone… Just us under the stars in a graveyard of lost loves and regrets. Wishing I wouldn’t have to think about new ideas because you were my favorite idea, like a playmate. Like a partner in a crime I’d forever commit.

I just. I suppose you weren’t the best.


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