Before I kick you out.

Before I kick you out.

The funny thing about being your home was that I was not exactly a part of you. I was under your skin but it wasn’t enough for us to be each others’ limbs. Not a joint, not even the heart though we are a part of them but not exactly, no. We say we are the air we share but there is still the air and we can breathe even when not together.

We were fooled believing we were one. There was you and me and me and you and us. There was no me that existed, we did not exist to live and be apart even when we weren’t exactly one. It was a lovely chain that bounded us. It was great until the chain began to rust and meet its decay. All the hopes and plans to keep it brand new slowly faded like the echoes that kept reminding us that this was the right love.

But the truth was true enough to not even hold us back to lie. Honesty led the truth to keep up and not be late… Though it seemed pretty fast, it happened exactly right when it should. It seemed impossible but there it is… It knocked on my door and I invited it in. And it was the fateful meet up you so dread because it brought us to the end of what seemed to be the right love.

Honesty and truth. I welcomed them with great hospitality. Thank you for trying really hard to keep that smile on your face as I fed them and made them feel home. I’m sorry if I did not raise you and prepare you enough for this day. I didn’t realize this was really bound to happen. It pains me to say this. It turns out I had to keep either them or you.