I cannot find my glasses.

I cannot find my glasses.

He belonged in a place.
A space where comfort met with challenge.
But I cannot find my glasses.

He wandered through that space.
The place where he thought he belonged.
But I cannot find my glasses.

He loved me in those places.
Where he conquered all spaces.
But I cannot find my glasses.

He fought with me in that place.
And both needed the space.
But I cannot find my glasses.

Wearing off that place
And taking up so much space
While I could not find my glasses.

I cleared up the place
Telling him to find a new space
As I finally found my glasses.

The place felt very new.
My space was mine own.
And so was my found glasses.

All along the place held a stranger.
A ghost lost in my space
Though I have been wearing my glasses.

Never again will I share a place.
With a friendly ghost in my space
Without a clear view with my glasses.