I like you pushing me away.

I like you pushing me away.

I like you pushing me away.
The distance between us
Draws a broken heart
Wanting more tortures.
I like how you can smile
As I stand here smiling
Back at you; not minding
The blood and sweat dripping
From me at the sight of
Your sunlight is my moon.
For a rhyme, here I swoon
Spiral to a doom that only
Your love could cause and

Non-existing, unrealistic
Describes the kind of love,
The type of affection you
Bear for me. Such a folly.
That I believe it exists knowing
I could describe them in
Words; whilst you deem it
unreal for you don’t feel.
I describe them in words
That etch to my soul. You–
You leave me wanting for
More. Of open wounds;
More. Of fatal scars. More
And more of you. More
Of the hopes that build me.

While I like how you push
Me away from the love I
Think could still be true.
I hope you like me wanting
You. For such affection that
Wants both body and spirit
Is one you so keenly seek.
And it’s the kind that could
Come from me. Come to me.


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