The day I waltzed in the moonlight.

The day I waltzed in the moonlight.

Dear Love,
I wore the same shoes from when I first met you.
I had the same face.
The same eyes looked at you and thought:
You were good enough for me.

Dear Love,
Thanks for taking my hand.
Thank you for taking the step.
Thank you for trying
To dance even when your two left feet
Cannot even follow the beat.
I knew I loved you.
The dance was great.
I just—

We cannot keep dancing like that.
At least, I learned that a little early
Even before the music stopped.
Which is good.
But it hurts.
I know.

Dear Love,
Hi. This is me now.
I’ve finally faced the darkness.
I’ve finally taken my own step.
I’ve been dancing alone for awhile now.
And it’s going pretty well.
I was told to waltz and not to march.

Except I’m bound to do that on my own.
Tread carefully, dancing in the dark
With only moonlight guiding me.
I can promise you that I will be fine.
Your face never fails to remind me that I wanted this.
And that I have to own up to the words I said
When I said ‘goodbye’
Even more when you gave me a mutual reply.
I promise my love was true.

But now. Love, the waltz, the moonlight, the dance.
It’s all mine now. I have to own it.
The love I must learn is the love of me.


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