I love you like this.

I love you like this.

I love you like this. I will let you hold me; harder than the way you would hold her. In fact, get a good grip of my waist like superglue, like permanence. You can take hold of my neck like I’m your slave. In fact, kiss me like I’m sentenced to a slaughter. Be the beast that you so badly want to be in the dead of night; yearning so hard to be alive. You don’t have to worry about the huntress that I have always been. I won’t have to shoot you down. In fact, I’ll be the prey. We’ll trace a map and leave tracks on the bed where we made passion alive for a night that was eternally young. Ageless. We’d proclaim the territories we’ve conquered but never how. We’ll be a culmination of history reimagined on the coming nights that we’re haunted. Haunted by the grudges etched on our skin; the kisses on every inch of my body that you one too many times tried hard to memorize and still get lost in. Not to mention the sighs that echoed in the moonlight; like howling ghosts that neither scare nor shock. I love you like that. Like forever was another word for delusion. Like pain.


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