Thus we learn

Thus we learn

I learned to love myself, you said.
That with you, I learned I could be new.

Down to hell the stories went.
Down with the fire all possibilities.

Let us take it really slow, you said.
I wish I made you up inside my head.

That I told you what you are.
That I showed you what you could be.

Apart from the future that I could see.
Apart from the picture of you and me.

I somehow chained you to me, you said.
Perhaps those kisses were not dead.

Perhaps the memories have never fled.
But the now must come to an end.

Like the way I jumped off the train.
That moment hurt you, you said.

Three months would not need be long.
That is if I take arms and I be strong.

No one’s bound stay, at least not today.
At least you learned to love yourself.

Not many learn that lesson this way.
But you might learn to love me back, one day.


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