You Scare Me

You Scare Me

You scare me
You are more precious than
I think you already are
My mind can find the words
not knowing whether or not they’re right
whilst not finding a way to let them out
You scare me
More than a sinner could be scared
in church, who sweats darkness and light.
Like you burned my head with
that one kiss you planted on my lips
as if it actually lasted for eternity
You scare me
You make me believe in the existence
of adventure like it actually sits
right around the corner waiting for me to let you
take my hand and pursue it
You scare me
The same way a princess gets scared in her first dance with a young prince
who just might make her queen one day
knowing her feet are easily swept off
You scare me
Just like the first time I jumped off
the boat and swam in the middle of
the sea because you have to understand
I know how to swim but you are an ocean


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