To be honest

To be honest

Brutal honesty has always been my weapon against the dark forces that envelope our world. Enclosed in boxes that we try so hard to destroy, I speak of the truth that I know. I can punch gently. I can shatter it hard.

The truth hurts and liberating. Though it gives you friction, it gives us what we truly deserve — even if it would cost us pain. Pain must be felt as much as it should be lived; just like the truth that I so often speak of.

This is the truth I know. I love you. And I don’t think that love itself should ever change because after all, love will always be the same. But if I offer you a different kind of love, I hope you wouldn’t shun me. Because love is still “love” even in a different form. To be honest, I only speak of the truth and the truth is love still mattered before and eventually after. And that is why I choose to love you even if it would become different.

PS: Your love matters. You matter. And none of the memories should ever be forgotten, to be honest.


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