I love you, Sky

I love you, Sky

I spent the last three days sitting down and reading ’til my head can no longer bear being awake. I get lost in my dreams only to wake up with you watching over me. Moments pass with being as clear as the void in my head. You’re neither bright nor blue. For the past three days, you were just you.

I will take this moment to think of you like my best friend. To think that I hardly even have the time to look at you and bask in the beauty that you possess, I will seize the moment now. Know that when I choose to be alone, I don’t exactly want to be alone. I know I’m alone but I’m not lonely because often that is only the time when I look at you. I look at you and you’re beautiful.

Even when you pour down the rain on me. Even when you shower down the rays of the sun to me. Even when you’re clear as glass. Even when you’re an empty sky. I love you as you are. And you know why.


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