As the music plays on

As the music plays on

She listened to that eccentrically electric music and had herself lost in her imagination. Her head traveled faster than any plane could. She reached the very top of the Eiffel Tower with her eyes closed. Her soul hadn’t left the same warm spot but she’s already walked past the Big Ben. Each little dainty note crawled into her ear and showed her the sleepless New York City lights. But at the last second that her mind could wander at the time, she saw herself walking through the grey and green park in Manila. The same rain that fell that day, seemingly dropped on her eyes.

The dream could go on forever. She could practically go to places; wherever she pleases. She doesn’t need a drink, a drug or anything that could take her high. Just keep the music playing and she’ll go on forever.

Even when forever would one day choose to meet its end.


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