Love Cats.

Love Cats.

I’m going to put it this way. First, cats have nine lives. Second, you are what you love. And remember that you love cats. And you are worth more than cats. You’re worth more than your utter love for cats.

Everyday, you watch them wander and sleep around the house. Sometimes, you can’t even help wonder how come they stay so cute and adorable and still have nine lives. And here you are, an idiot who knows so much, does so much and still not get the reprieve you deserve. But you still love cats.

Sometimes, you just want to lay in your bed and wait for them to crawl and find a spot beside you. From there you take the time to relish the moment that you get to cuddle with that little monster. Oblivious from the reality, you share the vibe that your feline possess. And you wake up a “feline” the next day.

But you know, what? You are strong and independent—but still slightly an idiot. Nonetheless, you are smart enough to not be a lazy butt like that cat right there. You know more. You do more. And that is just the beginning of everything. There is so much more that is ahead.

“And you are worth more than cats. You’re worth more than your utter love for cats.”

That being said, no matter how stupid, should at least push you a little further to the limit and break the walls that bar you from your hopes, your dreams. Cats have nine lives. But you have so much more. Be strong. Cats are lazy butts– but cute. But you’re a rockstar– and still cute. Remember that.


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