Shining: An Open Letter

Shining: An Open Letter

I missed the way you pat my back with sweat. I missed the way you kissed me hot all over. I missed your rays; the light you shed like fresh blood on wounds. You healed from the past cold week, Shining.

If you have noticed, I hardly complained about your presence in my life. I appreciated your being there for I needed you too. To keep me dry and safe from the clouds that take you away from me. Dear Shining, stay for a little more. I know I will hardly see you again as the rainstorms block your presence. Your heat, your light is a sigh of relief; a gesture of protection from the most high. Shining, please stay. I will be good, I promise.

Today I lament and praise… Shining, please stay bright as you are to me. ‘Til then I will bask in your heat and light. Next time, I will make sure we get to make time worth while. For now, let me watch you do what you do best. I will let you embrace me with your warmth as I listen to the stories you whisper. I will be here ’till you nap the night away and seek the company of those who need you like I do.

I pray we’ll have tomorrow. But I know we have today.


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