Because we were kind.

Because we were kind.

A haven of stench that train was.
Twenty minutes of enduring the scent
And looking around for dear life
Thoughts evolving like how I watch

Air turn from humid to cool and kiss
My skin hello like a best friend.
He walked like no other boy I knew.
He stood there like everyone else.

Where do your eyes lead? How does
Your mind flutter from one to another?
Afterthoughts and after the thoughts
Came by, you blink and I was still there.

I was still. I was there. His blind spot
Watched me hit his back like how I
Bang my head on the wall. He turned;
Embraced me by surprise rather than hit me

Back. Time flew and we wondered.
By and by, you asked and I asked.
How could we stand by each other?
By and by, we said the same damn thing.


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