Dear Reader,

I’m nearing the midterm of the second to the last semester of my college life. (I swear, I wanted to call “college life” something else; crap, I suck). Today marks one of the most significant life events of mine so far. I guess, I should keep the latter private. Nonetheless, I’m actually conflicted with what to emphasize and what to say… but along with others, I have lost a friend. It’s been days and of course, we have not moved on. BUT THE RAIN. Oh, the rain keeps pouring and it will keep pouring for two more days.

This school week lost four out of five days. Technically, it’s an entire week of suspension due to the hard rains brought by two typhoons. I must say for this wave, we’ve all been prepared and rather organized. There weren’t much casualties so I guess my countrymen survived the initial wave of rainstorms.

No, I’m not going to talk about the friend that I lost. We aren’t close but it is painful to lose someone the way I did; the way we all did.

And the load of academic readings, work and adjustments won’t be any easy for sure. The anxiety, the pressure and all that poisons the mind slowly caves in. And it’s actually working to smash my determination into a million angry pieces. That’s actually not a good news. But because I’m still rather conflicted with the turn of events, I choose to settle down and refrain from assessing my academic endeavors. It’s freaking me out even so I should probably stop and take a break.

–Annie Sparkle


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