Trust or no trust

Trust or no trust

You had nothing to say maybe because you didn’t want to say anything at all. Whatever you had to say or wanted to say was not the case. It was never the issue. You never had to keep up with whatever was supposed to be said. If anything, you only have to keep up with what you do and don’t make her wait for that.

(But if she ever needed you to speak up, she doesn’t need you to be smart. She meant sensitive. Dumb ass.)


Well, great job. You finally get to say what you wanted. Anna stood there looking at what she wrote. She looked bleak but in her mind she kept saying, “He wouldn’t have said anything, done anything after this either.” She sighed her hardest that afternoon. I couldn’t quite tell if it was because of the heat or what bothered her. “I’m not even sure about trusting him anymore.” That was the last thing she thought before she hit the button.



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