Dear Reader,

This day marks the day that I was set free. Shackles left me wounded though. And as I forced myself to move on, I found myself healing my cuts with antiseptic which stung me like hell. For quite some time, I believed I’d have to stay there forever. Except, forever did not exist in such context.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to remind you that you deserve so much more than being mistreated. You deserve to evolve to a better version of you. Everyday is a puzzle piece that would complete you so make it count. You always have a choice. There is always a way even when you least expect, wish and hope for it.

…and that has been me being sappy and feeling surreal about the turn of events for the past year. If I do deserve to be happy no matter how much of a bitch I have been, you deserve to be happy too. We all do. Choose that and act on it.

–Annie Sparkle


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