Blank night

Blank night

She entered the room again after she tried pacifying the little boy. The crying finally subsided as soon as her mom took over the baby that suddenly exploded like a time bomb. He let out a cry that everyone in the house that night felt the need to calm him down. But it’s over now.

So she sat down by her desk where all of her knick-knacks stood staring at her. One by one, the objects seem to stare for too long and seemed like they were waiting for the girl to pick them up and put them to use. Except it is obvious that she would only keep tinkering  one of them: her tablet.

Well, as expected, she did. She checked for any update of any kind there might be. None that she was keen to be waiting for came to appease her. None of what she hoped to come up was there. None.

The seemingly blank night continued as the creaking and the chirping of the crickets endlessly hummed. Perhaps her mind seemed blank longing for someting that wouldn’t come. But none of these say that she was genuinely content.


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