I am my Father’s daughter

I am my Father’s daughter

My father taught me how to swim in the beach near his hometown. It was a long walk from my Lola(grandmother)’s house. It takes about two to three kilometers walk with swinging on both sides and climbing up and down. The heat can easily burn when walking under the blazing sun to the beach. And so, I never really join anyone to go there without boarding a vehicle; preferrably my father’s car. The salt in the fresh beach air seems somehow refreshing as it purges the very core of the soul.

Such deep words to utter but I only wanted to reiterate that my father brought me a piece of his home. A piece that mattered to him along with other memories of his chilhood. He taught me how to swim.

Perhaps any father can teach his daughter to fly… But not every father gets to have the chance to teach his daughter how to swim. Any man can talk anyone out to spread his or her wings to fly. Along with the wind blowing, thrust, lift, drag and weight does not seem to hard to work with anymore. And the sky coincides with the beating of your heart and the thirst of your soul. But swimming is way different.

We’re all angels here; and I know we all have wings and one way of another we can work something out to use them.

But then the struggle is so real. The struggle can be tough for anyone to naive to make it through currents of the raging seas. One does not simply make it through without swimming. And of course, one shall not surive if it does not possess such skill. Luckily, my father taught me how to swim and more importantly how to fly.

Mind you, this is not me saying I’m a mermaid princess for having to know how to traverse the waters. Perhaps I was my father’s princess so much that he could not let me down and watch me die in battle. And to make certain that I would keep surviving, he taught me both flying and swimming. He taught me how to dream and make them happen. And he also taught me how to stay alive in the sea of conflicts that no one can control.

Basically, my father loved me. And I loved him back. That alone should ought to strike fear in your heart. If you dare leave me, I will survive. I don’t know about you.


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