The Downsides of Knowing

The Downsides of Knowing

PRIMETIME FAVORITE “FOREVERMORE” VS. “STATE OF THE NATION WITH JESSICA SOHO.” Well, guess what? I would side on “Forevermore,” of course. I have justifiable reasons, trust me. I’d probably even sound like an activist upon stating my concerns. But at this moment, my points don’t seem to matter after my father just snatched the remote control from me. “Go buy your own tv,” he said.

Maybe he did have the right to talk like that given that he is the elder of this household and  that he bought the god damned tv. But that is not the point. Everyday, I watch him complain a lot whilst watching tv or eating dinner or doing both… Whatever. Now what do I want to say? Simple. What is the point of knowing details from A-Z about every little thing that goes on in this planet; let alone every single Filipino in the universe? Whatever happened to NOT beating around the bush? Whatever happened to avoiding excessive repitition? How is that responsible journalism? Or if the first few questions are irrelevant, then what is the point of people having to keep tuned in so much (stupid question, I know but let me finish) when most of the time, everyone just KNOWS. Nobody acts. In the end, you’d only give a few fucks for a moment and next thing you know, it’s like it didn’t even happen.

This is negative Filipino ethnocentrism. This is false nationalism. This is abusive patriotism. Bottomline: It’s stupidity.

Granted. Issues such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, corruption, deceit and all that shit is real and relevant. They happen every single day. I can never describe enough the pain, the anguish and all the hurt that victims experience in my every waking moment. For all I know it’s tormenting. It’s torture beyond imagination. And I can never directly do anything about it other than pray. I don’t know about anyone else but I pray. I pray because I care.

I do because even though I don’t know as much as everyone else does, I just genuinely care. But I know I’d still get questioned about why I’d still choose a product of pop culture over… well, news. I’d still choose it because it’s so relatable I know I’d act on it. Perhaps it’s just another rip-off love story but I relate to it and I get entertained so much I’m prompted to act on my amusement of it.

Either way I can act on my getting to be informed by both media. But I would rather go for one that I would garner me more concrete results while I show my remorse for this God forsaken country no matter how hopeless it seems.

Now. I dare you. Whichever you tune in, make it worth while. Be productive and make something out of what you learn everyday. Because otherwise you become the side effect of just knowing.


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