Me and my band of misfits

Me and my band of misfits

People say that you usually find the friends you’ll grow up with when you reach college. And maybe those people weren’t wrong. Because now, I’m glad to report that I have found the crowd that I belong to. And I actually am happy about it.

The pursuit of the crowd we belong to is actually as hard as finding  who, what and where you would really end up with life. It’s actually funny because that doesn’t come in order either. It does not necessarily have to be connected. The events happen not in ways we want them to be but most of the time, they happen just as how they should be. Not all circumstances are found in the most unlikely ways but they are found in ways as they are destined to be. The best part is that it happens as you grow to find your true north as you journey through every corner of your being and learn to know who you really are.

We are every profession created just to find who we are. We are scientists for experimenting through different instances to find out where we’ll be happy. We are artists to create new things that will be worth our while. We are teachers to the people we encounter everyday; we teach them the biggest and littlest things whether we know or not. We are architects for drawing blue prints for different plans in our lives and project them to how we want them to look like. We are engineers to make these plans work. We’ve been students for the longest time learning everything hands on and logically. If anything, we might have not even noticed that we have done so much because the mere thing that we did was nothing else other than living.

We basically just lived to find where we are now. Maybe now isn’t such a nice place to be. Maybe heaven is among us. Nevertheless, we are probably where we are destined to be. And we wouldn’t be if it werent for the choices we made.

I’ve been through a lot just as much as everyone had as we all share the quality of being human. Being granted with different senses and chances, every hundreds of millions of seconds happen as the planet revolve around the sun, things happen. And we make them happen. Perhaps we are the tiniest specks of the universe, but we are the beings that are capable of making things happen as we are fated to be. And you know what? It’s a privilege.

One day in your life, you just might realize that it’s one the greatest joys ever manifested; making things happen, especially when you do it with the people that you have been meant to grow old with. Is it not amazing to make memories and play an important role in this universe as you exist? Times and instances may come in hard or blissful but the fact that we contribute along with others to the turn of this world is… actually a blessing.

At least with the words I say now… At least as I beat around the bush… I know and have claimed that I belong to the circus of freaks that found me as I have found them. We’ll be each other’s backbone and shoulder. We’ll not live forever but we’ll etch into the planet’s crust as we go along and live our lives together. We’ll walk the earth and paint a wonderwall of memories until we all turn into dust. And when the time is up, I know… We’ll happily ascend to the stars to shine and remind the land of the living to do the same.



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