Dear Reader,

If you happened to have noticed the last entry before this, “The Girl in the Washing Machine,” it’s actually a short story. The story had been conceptualized as I needed help to make up a cartoon tv show for a homework and of course, I had to think of something unusual and exciting. My bestfriend helped me out in the process. [I can’t plug him here, he doesn’t have a blog anyway, plus he seems to want to keep himself incognito from everyone else. Anyway, thank you, Page. BUT I will try and yank him out to blog for fun or something.]

So! Please do enjoy the story of “Johnny and Clay.” If I ever find the inspiration, I will surely keep you posted here. If you have further questions or if you happen to have insights about the story, let me know. It sure is awesome to hear from your readers, yeah?

Alright. Laundry work beckons.

–Annie Sparkle

PS: Laundry is fun. I actually like that better than washing dishes. [Why did I say that?]


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