Dear Reader,

I have to admit how hard it is to brainstorm for more stories for “Halle and the Godmother.” If I fail to devise other schemes to make that work, I’d probably just take it down and reorganize; move it somewhere perhaps.

Anyways, hi! I hope you liked the new look here in my blog. I know it still sucks because it does not really have nice images. If anything, I’m not really the type of blogger who posts a lot of pictures. It’s not really my thing; besides, I’m not a good good photographer myself so I’d rather not risk. But it is nice to still have the courage and the energy to recreate this blog, no?

So yeah. I still haven’t got anything from followers. No decent comments. No nothing. [Uhh. I guess I don’t mind????] But it’s alright.

–Annie Sparkle


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