Cool things

Cool things

Oh the cool things I would do. To jump
off the escalator before it hits the floor.
Jump off the building and end up flying;
Raging against the soothing gust of wind.
To ride on the train but not in. To ride
a motorcycle wearing a tight leather suit.
When the helm discards, my hair flares
up and sails across the sea of air. Swoon.
You could only swoon. Maybe ride a horse
with ebony locks swaying like the waves
of the ocean. Stormed and haunted.
For once, I become a knight. I fight
battles from cost to cost. Defeat enemies
who are against my banner. Yes. I’ll fight.
And in my chambers for you’ll squire.
See? All those things I wish to do.
But then I’d only die trying. I won’t live
to tell the tale of my being reckless
and wishful. All these I want to do.
Indeed. These things I want to do.
Oh the cool things I would do. To maybe
fall down in the pits of my own heart.
Or perhaps to fall for you.


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