A Sister’s Lament

A Sister’s Lament

My eyes don’t fool me
When I see you
Inflict pain in my heart
By ignoring me
By treating me
Like an unwanted toy
Utter nuisance
A person of no importance
Blandly undeserving
Of your assistance

My heart does not fool me
That it’s hurt
When in pain
With the care
You fail to feign
Over and over
Smiles don’t always cover
The struggle, the shame
Of losing half of me
Upon barely seeing you

And now I see you cry
For once I forget
My share of torture
Watching you break down
Witnessing the ache
Bursting from your eyes
Your almost evil eyes
Which only rolls when it sees me
But to see you now
I know not what to do
Though I’m quite sure
On how I would do
And how I’d get through
You; a brother to me
And I; sister to you.


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