Hands are flaky.
Hands are kind.
Hands must not be left behind.

Hands that touch.
Hands that fly.
Hands always know how to try.

Hands can wish.
Hands can take.
Hands can even make mistakes.

Hands will love.
Hands will learn.
Hands will work for what we yearn.

Bago ka humimbing

Bago ka humimbing

Sabihin mo sa aking nakauwi ka
nang maluwalhati sa santwaryong
tahanan mo. Sabihin mo sa aking
hindi ka pinangalaran ng mga taong
minamahal mo sa ilalim ng bubong
at kadiliman ng gabi. Sabihin mo sa
aking naging magiliw sa’yo ang gabi.
Sabihin mong hangad mong makasama
ako riyan sa’yong tabi; Ngayong gabi

iniisip kita’t wari ko’y ikaw ay namamahinga.
Nakahiga sa malambot na kalawakan
na pinananahanan ng mga tala kapiling
ang sangkadilima’t sangkahamugan ng
gabi. Nais kong samahan ka; hatian ka
sa kapahingaha’t katahimikan. Ngunit
huwag na lamang. Angkinin mo ang dilim,
ang oras habang wala ako. Ako na lang
ang susundo sa’yo sa pagdila’t mo

pagdating ng umaga. ‘Wag kang mabahala.
Ako nang magpapaalalang ako’y sa’yo at akin ka.

Unfinished piece of me to you who loved me more than anything in the world

Unfinished piece of me to you who loved me more than anything in the world

Every ride home I catch your wandering silence
Wondering what I can’t quite tell
I’ll bust you out to laugh and you look at me
All time and space suddenly fell

You tell me how grateful you are
And put yourself down all at once
I hold your face like I always would
And I would say:

You can try to convince me
that you’re a lost cause
But I wouldn’t trade my life
for the happiness this world could offer me
You can force me to leave you behind
and set myself free; but I could never
choose to let you go, for once
I might believe in forever

I thought you should know.

Fireman’s carry

Fireman’s carry

You held me up there
and I tried not to breathe
or perhaps I did not forget
breathing because life
compelled me to. Love
dragged me as I was
succumbed to your whim.
My mind kept bugging
me; telling me something
is wrong when my feet
left the floor and I gasped.
There I started holding my
breath and everything
turned upside down and
the world blurred as ever.

Remember how I always
kept myself on the ground
when you charge in to lift me
up? I choose to stay here.
Down here. Here I stand.
Here is where I want to be.
Loving you need not seek
higher stakes and greater
risks for it shall come as it
should. I anticipate it coming
but we don’t need to reel
it in. If loving you means
having to be lifted up as the
world blurs and turns– fine.
Carry me; take me.

Granted; I may not see your
face, your eyes, your hair
but knowing you hold me
close and tight to your body’s
enough to tell me you love
me. But as we go along,
don’t ever let me go. Don’t.
even think it. Hold me closer,
tighter as we tread farther
and I will fight harder; braver.
This will I be for the sweet
sacrifice I chose to commence.
I guess I love you this much.
So much I’d give up loving you
from down here to your shoulder.