That liberating feeling

That liberating feeling

You know that feeling that every time you find yourself trying too hard to breathe you know you just can’t. You know it your nose is clogged. Every single time you take that chance to make it right, you wonder… what on earth clogged your breathing track that makes you struggle too hard to feel better, breathe better?

How am I supposed to know? I mean I would never know. All I know that I am sick. I have sniffles. I have mild colds. Perhaps it’s just the crappy feeling that gets into me so bad it devours me whole. I want to burst into song and belt out the high notes like I would always always do but I fail.

Maybe I just ended up realizing that it was too hard for me to do.

And now, you can just imagine how amazing I feel now that every little hindrances that used lie somewhere my breathing track have fled from here to nowhere. Now I can finally sing again and makes myself fly. Now I can breathe again—**cough **cough

Maybe not entirely. But I’m getting there. I feel so awesome. I’m so free.


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