The Still Day

The Still Day

The still day passed
As curtains fell
Concealed the centerstage
Seemingly wanting
To keep spectators out
There was nothing
Nothing to see
Nothing to watch
To gossip or talk about
The hall should’ve been
Kept empty and quiet
For me to clean it up
I never understood
Why you had to
Or why you were kind
To stay and keep company
To take a trip
To the backstage
And see the magic
Within the very hall
But why; How even?
Who are you
To be allowed
To see every inch and cranny
Every crack and glitter
The horribly etched details
Of the very hall
That is me
Why did I allow you
To even see me
Do I kick you out?
Do I push you away
I’ll never know
And I will never know
’til you ask me to let you stay
Or profess you love
To an ever still day


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