Sweetheart; walking away

Sweetheart; walking away

Sweetheart, you can walk away
There weren’t chains binding you
No lingering shackles to hold you back
No oak has poisoned you into this
Not even potions to enchant you
You are no elastic band to go
Then come springing back to me
I am a nobody; nothing to you
As much as I am; no nothing
You don’t even need to clear that up
The windshield is crystal clear
There aren’t much dust in the road
Sweetheart, I will be fine
You can freely go
I did not even take your hand
I held it when I could
But never gripped and did not give in
My heart was not really yours either
I gave you chance to take hold
I knew then that I was bold
Strong enough to let you borrow my heart
And sweetheart it’s okay
It’s okay for me to not be okay
And watch you walk away
For you were not branded to stay
As I am just another day


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