Pace through the same spot
The very same light
The very same spot
The old gleaming tiles
The very white column
A bit dusty and sturdy as it used to be
The same quiet and empty
No, you don’t have to come and meet me
Stay where you are
Better yet, stay away
I’m nothing but eyesore
Toxic to everything you’d devour
Wasted; waste of an hour
Hours and hours and days
This was just the same place
Marked with memories
Kisses and unruly melodies
I came back here not to relish
But to replace what once was there
What once were ours
Like withered flowers
Now completely dry and dead
Well there is someone else now
And he’s all in my head
A flower did bloom
But quicker than light, it died
Now let me pace through the same spot
For the place is all I got
And a heart now full of room
For promises and utter doom


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