Another poem for G-

Another poem for G-

Let me write about you again
A poem will do, I guess
I won’t say much about them
I would like to say less
Then again there was the pain
There’s still love I’ve yet to gain
But no, not from you
I guess not any more
Straightforward and plain
Shameless and painless
I speak of yesterday
As if it had been ages ago
When we had one love
When you looked me in the eyes
With glistening stars and boundless skies
When we touch so very carefully
Not knowing how it delves in deeply
But then again there was passion
Which was just a mere illusion
Indeed it was rather sad
That we ended up so bad
Like there was nothing we had
Nonetheless I’m glad
Just to see you happy
Although not with me
But I know I’ll get by
If you’d like to see me try
For sure, I won’t be alone
I won’t be lonely when I die


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