Rants in Shades of Gray

Rants in Shades of Gray

Has it ever occurred to you how much she needs you? Do you realize that no matter how strong she may seem she would need you to be there holding her hand? Don’t you think that whatever you got yourself into may destroy someone? Never mind. But the question to be answered right from the beginning would be… Are you ready? Are you built for this?

When I was by your side, you had countless chances… To deem yourself worthy of anything that I gave you. To fight for what you believe that was meant for you. You had your chance. I understand that you have given up on that now. You chose to walk away, escape even. Because what you thought you wanted was nothing but a nightmare to you. I was an image of an entrance to hell on earth. I gave you love that burned like the fiery pits of hell itself… So much passion. And that passion, brought you somewhere else and you wanted to get away.

Congratulations. You escaped and found a whole new world. A world of which you claim that is better. A lot more magnificent than what I could offer. Perhaps that was just you being selfish… I don’t know. Neither do I demand to know but there it is.

I want to keep going really. I want to keep painting the picture…. But I am afraid I cannot finish it now. Maybe it is not worth finishing. Maybe it is. But the simple canvass filled with shadow and monochrome strokes could stand alone. The simple jive of black and white, shades of grey, I guess… would be enough to tell you that you to get your shit together before it is too late. It is enough to tell you to refrain from being selfish. To focus on what’s more important. That you deserve a break. That you deserve so much more. So much more than you being unfair to yourself. So much more than you loving someone and yet you are incomplete.

Are you ready? Are you built for this?

No. You’re not even close to complete yet. Think about that.


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